Hydrogen- And Propeller-Lifted Airborne Urban & Intercity Transportation System

Instead of various energy applications, Hydrogen can be used as a cheap and effective lifting-force agent in various airships, stratospheric satellite platforms, airborne / hovering structural systems as roads, parking platforms, bridges, pipelines, lighting, observation, etc. service systems, etc. Incidents like the Hydrogen Airship's HINDENBURG disaster, killed 36 people in 1937, could be avoided by using a system of small (2.2*2.2*2.2m, ~12m3), safe, modular hydrogen containers, all, or some of them connected and equipped with pressure expanders. Containers will be made of super-strong and lightweight Graphene or Carbon-fiber Composite Skin, connected in a computer-controlled gas-grid system, and will provide a 100% safe, stable and adjustable lifting system, cable-anchored to the ground, capable to autonomously hover at various altitudes aloft, for years, with minor maintenance. Hydrogen lifting force will be used to keep aloft the basic structure. Additional lifting force, supporting the additional load of vehicles and people on the roads and the parking places, will be provided by a system of Tilt-Rotor Electric Propellers, computer-controlled and adjustable to every specific conditions, with assistance to the whole system's altitude, leveling, vectoring, load balance, resistance to the winds, storms, etc. Accounting the traffic load, winds, atmospheric pressure and the anchoring-cables stretch power in every moment will be provided, for adjusting the props' rotation speed and direction accordingly, at the best and safest leveling of the entire system.
This system could be used for creating an entirely new kind of transportation grid and parking system, elevated aloft and hovering in the air, at 50-100-200-300...m or else altitude higher, depending on the specific conditions, over the earth's ground in the large cities. 
Additional Parking and Commercial Areas and Cable/Pipeline Infrastructure could be attached as well. 
The road will be roomed in a tube / tunnel, with no contact with any atmospheric condition impacts as rain, wind, snow, ice, heat, etc. 
"Flying Pipelines" for example, could supply regular or desalinated seawater in the middle of the deserts, creating lakes, irrigation / hydroponic systems, green forests and gardens, thus improving drastically the local climate and landscape. Using such a flying-pipe irrigation system will be many times cheaper than digging irrigation channels. Using that technology we can turn Sahara, Australian, Mongolian, Californian etc. deserts in green gardens. https://desert.alle.bg
Parking Platforms will be also attached, with possibility for developing Trade Zones and Motel Complexes on them, connected to the ground with Elevator Towers
Flying road will get down and step on the ground at some places. Cars, trucks and Hyperloop passengers could get on the flying road both using these on-ground stations, or the tube's Elevator Towers
Hydrogen gas, needed for filling the lifting-power modular containers, will be produced out of water, by a modified, low-power electrolysis, at a cost, close to zero ($0.10/kg vs $10/kg H2 regular market rate - https://fuels.alle.bg , https://hydrogen.alle.bg , https://vodorod.alle.bg - Български ). 
All the system's construction will be made of Basalt-Zirconia-Fiber "Bone-Structure" Composite Modular Elements, which are 3 times lighter ( lighter than Aluminum), stronger and 20 times cheaper than the Steel. https://basalt.alle.bg
The Flying Pipe will be also equipped with powerful MOH-Gas-Turbines, mounted in some key points, for creating counter-force against stormy winds
Wind turbines, Solar panels, Floodlights, Surveillance Cameras and Telescopes, GSM/GPS/Internet/TV/Radio, and even lightweight Hydroponic AeroFarm Multistorey Greenhouses (aerofarms.com) systems, could be fixed over or under the hovering tube for power etc. production for supplying the system and/or the cities beneath. 
Side walls of such a large tube have to be appropriately wing-shaped to withstand the wind pressure force. 
The power needed for driving the propellers, comes at daytime from PV or CSP Solar Power System installed on the top of the structure, and/or from Wind Turbines, or Water-fueled Autonomous OH Power Plant Modules, working non-stop, 24/7
The "Flying Road" System will solve the heavy traffic, parking, pollution, noise etc. street and infrastructure problems in the large cities, and will provide a perfect and cost-effective solution for fast intercity connections, at a much less cost than the on-land traditional road, bridge and tunnel construction (no need to buy land, to carry out giant earthworks, road base pavements, etc.) and much shorter terms of completion. 
With such a road there will be no problem to overpass large water (even seas and oceans), or rough terrain surfaces, and to bridge a high mountain, without building expensive bridges and tunnels, to clean roads from snow and ice, etc., in the harsh mountain conditions.


As a lower-cost option, we can also offer a FlyTube System, kept aloft by Electric Propellers only,


Here we have two Roads, one in a Tunnel, and another on the top, plus 1 to 4 Hyperloop Tubes, attached below.
The carrying force will depend on the Propellers' size and power . 
All the power will come from SOH Gas Power Plants, consuming only water. 
Also, Solar Panels could be installed as a roof over the top road, together with Wind Turbines,  for additional Power Generation. during the days and the windy hours. 
MOH Gas could be produced with the extra power generated. 
MOH can be used as a perfect Energy Storage or as a lucrative product for sale, which could financially support the Project.

This Project could also offer a gigantic air-circulation for low-cost CO2-capturing, based on the technology, invented by the Swiss company Climeworks - www.climeworks.com .
Such a combined CO2-capturing system could be installed on Airships or Air-lifter cranes, etc. aircraft, which will produce valuable CO2 while flying and doing their job aloft.
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